This course is for you if you are a new or experienced coach who wishes to:

  • Deepen the quality and impact of your coaching.

  • Up-level or refresh your coaching skills.

  • Improve your critical thinking and listening skills.

  • Connect with like-minded coaches who are passionate about their craft.

Wherever You Are On Your Coaching Journey...

...There are several things that help us continually improve:

-Listening to coaching with a critical ear.

-Practicing coaching wherever and whenever you can.

-Being coached by a proficient coach.

We have created this safe space for coaches who wish to address some of the common pitfalls and patterns all coaches face from time to time.  I invite you into this process and encourage you to enter with open hearts, ears and beginner's mind.  

There are no mistakes to be made here... only opportunities to learn.

Join us today!

Dig in and Go Deeper with Your Coaching!

Advanced Practicum Spotlights: Next Live Session begins early 2024 Contact [email protected] for details

  • 1

    Welcome from Marilena

    • Welcome to the Advanced Practicum

    • Final NBHWC Practical Skills Guidelines-September 2022.docx

    • Practical Skills/Core Competencies Observer Sheet

    • Buddy Coaching Sessions (optional but recommended)

  • 2

    Advanced Practicum Session 1: Clarifying The Coaching Agreement

    • Getting Clear on the Coaching Agreement + Are You Leading or Following?

    • Mileposts for an Effective Coaching Session

    • Listen Ahead for Next Week's Discussion on Reflecting!

  • 3

    Advanced Practicum Session 2: Deeper Reflections

    • Going Deeper with Reflections. What are you Mirroring?

    • Quantum Quick Reference Reflections

  • 4

    Advanced Practicum Session 3: The Art of Quantum Questioning

    • Avoiding Question Pile-Ups and Creatively Allowing the Silence

    • Quantum Quick Reference: The Socratic Method in Coaching

    • Question Resource: Quantum Coaching Questions

  • 5

    Advanced Practicum Session 4: Still Fixing After All These Years

    • Fixing/Rescuing vs. Coaching and Staying in Your Lane

    • From Drama to Empowerment

    • Rescuing Resource: The Power of Ted*

  • 6

    Advanced Practicum Session 5: Coaching Beyond Our Blind Spots

    • Our Biases and Blindspots

    • Confirmation Bias with Darren Hardy

  • 7

    Advanced Practicum Session 6 : Uncovering Patterns: Revealing the Client to Themselves

    • Helping clients identify and shift patterns

  • 8

    Advanced Practicum Session 7: Powerful Intake Sessions/Outcomes/Coaching Plans

    • Setting the Course: Intake, Outcomes and Visioning

  • 9

    Advanced Practicum Session 8: Letting the Snow Globe Settle: Reducing Ambivalence & Making Decisions

    • Finding Clarity in the Cloudiness of Ambivalence

  • 10

    Advanced Practicum 9: Finding the Roots & Helping Clients Go Deeper

    • Strategies to Go Deeper

  • 11

    Advanced Practicum 10: The Grace of Recycling and the Guidance of the Stages of Change

    • Getting on Track- Getting Back on Track

    • Making Friends with Yourself: An Interview with Self-Compassion Expert Kristen Neff

  • 12

    Completing the Course- Getting Your Certificate/CE's

    • Final Course Feedback & Self- Evaluation (required for course completion)

    • Enter Your Completion Password


  • How often and when do we meet?

    Sessions will take place approximately every 1-2 weeks. All sessions will last 90 minutes. Our next session will be early 2024. Email Marilena for a full list of dates and times. [email protected].

  • What if I can't make the call live?

    Every call will be recorded and made available to you.

  • What if I don't want to volunteer to coach?

    We do our best to create a safe environment for learning. We encourage you to face any fears you may have!

  • Can I get Continuting Education credits for this program?

    Yes. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be able to earn 10 NBC-HWC credits.

Payment Options

You can pay in full (above). Or choose 4 monthly payments of $124.25.

Marilena Minucci, MS, PCC, NBC-HWC

reach out to Ma[email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Marilena Minucci, MS, PCC, NBC-HWC

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