This course is for you if:

You are a new or experienced coach who wishes to:

  • Deepen the quality and impact of your coaching.

  • Wish to up-level or refresh your coaching skills.

  • Wish to improve your critical thinking and listening skills.

  • Want to connect with like-minded coaches who are passionate about their craft.

Dig in and Go Deeper with Your Coaching!

Advanced Practicum Spotlights: Next Live Session begins early 2023 Contact for details

  • 1

    Welcome from Marilena

    • Welcome to the Advanced Practicum

    • Final NBHWC Practical Skills Guidelines-September 2022.docx

    • Practical Skills/Core Competencies Observer Sheet

    • Buddy Coaching Sessions (optional but recommended)

  • 2

    Advanced Practicum Session 1: Clarifying The Coaching Agreement

    • Getting Clear on the Coaching Agreement + Are You Leading or Following?

    • Mileposts for an Effective Coaching Session

    • Listen Ahead for Next Week's Discussion on Reflecting!

  • 3

    Advanced Practicum Session 2: Deeper Reflections

    • Going Deeper with Reflections. What are you Mirroring?

    • Quantum Quick Reference Reflections

  • 4

    Advanced Practicum Session 3: The Art of Powerful Questioning

    • Avoiding Question Pile-Ups and Creatively Allowing the Silence

    • Quantum Quick Reference: The Socratic Method in Coaching

    • Question Resource: Quantum Coaching Questions

  • 5

    Advanced Practicum Session 4: Still Fixing After All These Years

    • Fixing/Rescuing vs. Coaching and Staying in Your Lane

    • From Drama to Empowerment

    • Rescuing Resource: The Power of Ted*

  • 6

    Advanced Practicum Session 5: Coaching Beyond Our Blind Spots

    • Our Biases and Blindspots

    • Confirmation Bias with Darren Hardy

  • 7

    Advanced Practicum Session 6 : Uncovering Patterns: Revealing the Client to Themselves

    • Helping clients identify and shift patterns

  • 8

    Advanced Practicum Session 7: Powerful Intake Sessions/Outcomes/Coaching Plans

    • Setting the Course: Intake, Outcomes and Visioning

  • 9

    Advanced Practicum Session 8: Letting the Snow Globe Settle: Reducing Ambivalence & Making Decisions

    • Finding Clarity in the Cloudiness of Ambivalence

  • 10

    Advanced Practicum 9: Finding the Roots & Helping Clients Go Deeper

    • Strategies to Go Deeper

  • 11

    Advanced Practicum 10: The Grace of Recycling and the Guidance of the Stages of Change

    • Getting on Track- Getting Back on Track

    • Making Friends with Yourself: An Interview with Self-Compassion Expert Kristen Neff

  • 12

    Completing the Course- Getting Your Certificate/CE's

    • Final Course Feedback- Evaluation (required for course completion)

    • Enter Your Completion Password


  • How often and when do we meet?

    Sessions will take place approximately every 1-2 weeks. All sessions will last 90 minutes. Our first session will be early 2023. Email Marilena for a full list of dates and times.

  • What if I can't make the call live?

    Every call will be recorded and made available to you.

  • What if I don't want to volunteer to coach?

    We do our best to create a safe environment for learning. We encourage you to face any fears you may have! However, it is totally up to you!

  • Can I get Continuting Education credits for this program?

    Yes. You will be able to earn 10 NBC-HWC credits.

Payment Options

You can pay in full (above). Or choose 4 monthly payments of $124.25.

Marilena Minucci, MS, PCC, NBC-HWC

reach out to with any questions or concerns.