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Marilena Minucci, MS, PCC, NBC-HWC

As creator of the Quantum Coaching Method™ and author of Quantum Coaching Questions, Marilena offers Health & Wellness Coaches a dynamic way to work more deeply and effectively with their clients. She has trained and mentored hundreds of practitioners through the unique lens of her Functional Coach Approach™ which includes a solid foundation of self care, lifestyle change and personal development & productivity. Her core training program, Quantum Essentials™ offers a pathway to International Coaching Certification.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome... Let us walk with you on the path toward certification!

    • Thanks for your Interest in our program!

    • Special Program Features: Six Live Bonus Sessions: Questions- Questions- Questions!

    • Our Secret Sauce: Got Questions? Need Help? Feel Stuck or Nervous? We're Here to Help!

    • Session 3: Coaching Process Part 1 of 10 (webinar video)

    • Discussion Guide Session 3: Coaching Process (Part 1 of 10-2021) (pdf)

    • Quantum NBHWC Exam Review- Highlights Summary: Session 3

    • Quantum Quiz: Session 3: Coaching Process (Part 1 of 10) Topics 2.1, 2.2

    • More about our approach, payment plans and hear what coaches are saying...